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» 2 Year Old Female Shiba For Sale

2 Year Old Female Shiba For Sale

February 11th, 2018 by Admin | Comments Off

This is Rinka, a 2 year old female Shiba we currently have available.
DOB 2015/10/18
She is rabies vaccinated and microchipped, so can be exported at any time.
She’s a small female, right at the bottom of the standard. She has been shown a bit here in Japan, and because of this has not yet had a litter. Her next expected heat is in April.

I’ve attached a screenshot of her hips, which look fine. Her right patella is normal, left is somewhere between a grade1-2 it seems.
She’s a very traditional Shiba female in temperament, very focused and attached to her person, and very affectionate with that person. She’s generally pretty confident, but will avoid some people that are too pushy. She’s very bitchy toward dogs she does not know.

I like her quite a bit though. She’s fun to have around, is quite well behaved and pretty quiet too.




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