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Hokkaido Ken: The Book

September 2nd, 2013 by Admin | Comments Off
Last week I received a gift from the Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai, a copy of a book titled ‘Hokkaido Ken’ that the society published on its 60 anniversary. It’s a fantastic little hard cover book.

It is 190 pages of everything Hokkaido Ken, including breed standards, history, famous dogs, and hunting pictures.

The HKH has been paying attention to the recent rise in awareness concerning the breed overseas, and so asked if I might put this on my blog in the hopes that the information contained will be useful to new owners and breeders.
Of course it would be terrific if it was in English, but there are lot of diagrams and pictures in this book which make it interesting even if you can’t read Japanese.
Maybe someday someone can undertake its translation! Please don’t point any fingers at me.
This book is sold by the HKH, and for a reasonable price. I’ll have to work out how much shipping etc will cost to overseas destinations, but if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, let me know. My address as always is kato.the.walrus@gmail.com

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