Specializing in translation and the export
of the native Japanese dog breeds

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ADDRESS: 4427-38  Kanamari, Tateyama-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan 294-0023

DIRECTOR: Shigeru Kato


Please understand that JDE is a small business run by a very small team. The bulk of our work involves translation, and canine export is a tiny part of our portfolio. As such we are often swamped by the amount of inquiries we receive and are unable to reply promptly.

The Japanese breeds (other than the Shiba) are very rare even within Japan, so there is usually a waiting period involved in finding a dog to send to you. This can be a few weeks, or a few years, depending on the particulars of your request.


Average TOTAL (pup and delivery) costs to import a Shikoku, Kishu, Kai, or Hokkaido pup are:

North America: from 350,000 JPY

Europe: from 410,000 JPY

Australia: from 450,000 JPY (not including quarantine and import permit costs which come to around 200,000JPY)

Singapore: from 440,000 JPY

South East Asia: from 350,000 JPY


For total costs to import a Shiba or Akita pup, add at least 100,000-200,000 JPY to the above totals, particularly for puppies with show potential. Expect to pay even more for adult dogs with show titles, or for proven breeding dogs.

These estimates include shipping, and the cost of JDE’s services.


Lastly, since our focus is on the preservation of these magnificent breeds, there is a good chance we will be more inclined to push your inquiry toward the top of our list if we feel you share the same vision.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to hearing from you.