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May 1st, 2019 by Admin | Comments Off on

We currently have an Akita male available for sale.

Price and pedigree available on request to info@japandogexport.com


This is a male in the Waka Inu Class (10 – 18 months)


Approximate Import Costs

July 6th, 2017 by Admin | Comments Off on Approximate Import Costs

I’m going to try to give everyone a general idea of how much importing costs.
First, here is the average prices you’ll usually be looking at for 2 month old pups in Japan. This does not include veterinary work or shipping within Japan.
Prices will vary by breeder, and show quality pups will be at the high end (or cost more than the averages listed here).
Older pups, and adult dogs for show/breeding will cost quite a bit more.

Akita 100,000-300,000JPY
Shiba 100,000-250,000JPY

Shikoku 80,000-150,000JPY
Kishu 80,000-150,000JPY
Hokkaido 100,000-150,000JPY
Kai 80,000-150,000JPY

Next there are all the costs involved with preparation for export. This is a general amount that it costs for JDE to prepare a pup for export.
It includes everything up to delivery to Narita International Airport, Animal Quarantine Inspection complete, vaccinations/microchip, dog crate, export pedigree, kenneling fees, and shipping within Japan.
All you have to do is be at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

For countries that require rabies vaccination and a 21 day quarantine period in Japan (EU countries etc): @200,000JPY
For countries that do not require rabies vaccination for dogs from Japan (USA etc): @150,000JPY

As a general rule it is cheaper to have someone fly to Japan to pick up a pup. You will end up paying for the cost of a ticket plus the baggage fee for the pup (20,000-40,000JPY usually).
Before booking a flight make sure the airline accepts dogs on your route, and double check the costs!
Shipping as cargo from Japan is quite expensive, usually double the cost of a person’s plane ticket.
Shipping charges are calculated by crate size and total weight and will vary accordingly, but here are some general numbers for a medium size crate with a 2-3 month old pup.

USA: over 150,000JPY
EUROPE: over 200,000JPY
AUSTRALIA: over 200,000JPY
ASIA: over 120,000JPY

*Due to the distance involved and unreliability of carriers in South and Central America, we do not ship dogs there as unaccompanied cargo.

So to sum it up, average total costs including shipping to import a Shikoku, Kishu, Kai, or Hokkaido pup are:

North America: @400,000 JPY
Europe: @450,000 JPY
Australia: @470,000 JPY (not including quarantine/import permit costs – additional 2000AUD)
South East Asia: @370,000 JPY (additional 50,000JPY if rabies vaccination is necessary ie Singapore, Thailand)